North Eastern Railway

Formed on 14th April 1952 by combining two Railway systems and bifurcated into two Railway Zones on 15th Jan. 1958, the present North Eastern Railway (NER), after re-organisation of Railway Zones in 2002, comprises of three Divisions - Varanasi, Lucknow & Izatnagar.

NER primarily serves the areas of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarkhand & western districts of Bihar. Northern Railway, the Jewel Set in the Crown of Indian Railways, has embarked on the mission to vanquish distances and create its own metaphor of existence. Formally established in the year 1952, it remains the largest zone in terms of route Kilometers, even after the re-organization of the Indian Railways into 17 zones.

Facts about North Eastern Railway (NER)

Headquarters: Gorakhpur
Location: Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
Length: 3667
Area Covered: Uttar Pradesh, Uttarkhand & western districts of Bihar.
Predecessor: Oudh and Tirhut Railway, Assam Railway, Cawnpore-Barabanki Railway and Cawnpore-Achnera section
Track gauge: Mixed
Dates of established: 14-Apr-1952
Dates of operation: 14-Apr-1952

Railway Division in North Eastern Railway [ हिंदी ]





Bareilly district, Uttar Pradesh


Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh