AC Express trains

These are fully air-conditioned trains linking major cities in the country. They have high priority and are one of the fastest trains in India, travelling at about 130 km/h (82 mph). They have limited stops.

88 AC Express trains running in India

Train# Train Name Source Dept. Dest Arr. S M T W T F S
00833 Ahmedabad - Santraga... Ahmedabad Junction ADI 16:30 Santragachi Junction SRC 06:45 N Y N N N N N
00834 Santragachi - Ahmeda... Santragachi Junction SRC 21:05 Ahmedabad Junction ADI 08:55 N N N N N Y N
01006 Karmali - Mumbai LTT... Karmali KRMI 13:10 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus LTT 00:20 N N N N N Y N
01025 Panvel - Karmali AC ... Panvel Junction PNVL 22:05 Karmali KRMI 08:00 N N N N N N Y
01026 Karmali - Panvel AC ... Karmali KRMI 09:50 Panvel Junction PNVL 20:15 N N N N N N Y
01039 Mumbai CST - Karmali... Mumbai CST CSTM 00:20 Karmali KRMI 11:30 Y N Y Y N N Y
01040 Karmali - Mumbai CST... Karmali KRMI 12:20 Mumbai CST CSTM 22:45 Y N Y Y N N Y
01043 Mumbai LTT - Karmali... Lokmanya Tilak Terminus LTT 20:25 Karmali KRMI 08:00 N N N N N Y N
01044 Karmali - Mumbai LTT... Karmali KRMI 18:00 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus LTT 08:00 Y N N N N N N
01067 Mumbai CST -Tirunelv... Mumbai CST CSTM 16:40 Tirunelveli Junction TEN 02:15 Y N N N N N N
01068 Tirunelveli - Mumbai... Tirunelveli Junction TEN 04:45 Mumbai CST CSTM 12:30 N N Y N N N N
01169 Mumbai LTT - Gorakhp... Lokmanya Tilak Terminus LTT 13:20 Gorakhpur Junction GKP 22:30 N N N N N Y N
01170 Gorakhpur - Mumbai L... Gorakhpur Junction GKP 07:00 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus LTT 14:00 N N Y N N N N
01171 Mumbai CST - Jammu T... Mumbai CST CSTM 06:45 Jammu Tawi JAT 17:55 N N N N N Y N
01172 Jammu Tawi - Mumbai ... Jammu Tawi JAT 01:55 Mumbai CST CSTM 17:40 N Y N N N N N
01239 Pune - Amravati AC S... Pune Junction PUNE 15:15 Amravati Terminal AMI 03:15 N N N Y N N N
01240 Amravati - Pune AC S... Amravati Terminal AMI 12:45 Pune Junction PUNE 02:45 N N N N Y N N
01301 Pune - Mangalore Jn.... Pune Junction PUNE 16:10 Mangaluru Junction MAJN 10:55 N N N N N N Y
01302 Mangaluru Jn. - Pune... Mangaluru Junction MAJN 12:50 Pune Junction PUNE 08:15 Y N N N N N N
01319 Pune - Ajmer AC Fare... Pune Junction PUNE 00:25 Ajmer Junction AII 23:30 N N Y N N N N
01320 Ajmer - Pune AC Fare... Ajmer Junction AII 05:55 Pune Junction PUNE 05:00 N N N Y N N N
01321 Pune - Tirunelveli W... Pune Junction PUNE 16:15 Tirunelveli Junction TEN 04:00 Y N N N N N N
01322 Tirunelveli - Pune ... Tirunelveli Junction TEN 07:20 Pune Junction PUNE 20:40 N N Y N N N N
01323 Pune - Ernakulam Jn.... Pune Junction PUNE 16:15 Ernakulam Junction ERS 20:15 N N N N Y N N
01324 Ernakulam Jn. - Pune... Ernakulam Junction ERS 23:30 Pune Junction PUNE 02:45 N N N N N Y N
01409 Pune - Karmali Weekl... Pune Junction PUNE 20:20 Karmali KRMI 08:30 N N N N Y N N
01410 Karmali - Pune Speci... Karmali KRMI 13:35 Pune Junction PUNE 02:45 N N N N N Y N
01419 Pune - Santragachi A... Pune Junction PUNE 10:30 Santragachi Junction SRC 18:30 N N N Y N N N
01420 Santragachi - Pune A... Santragachi Junction SRC 06:00 Pune Junction PUNE 20:05 N N N N N Y N
01453 Pune - Varanasi AC F... Pune Junction PUNE 10:45 Varanasi Junction BSB 17:01 N N N N Y N N
01477 Pune - Jaipur AC Far... Pune Junction PUNE 10:30 Jaipur Junction JP 10:55 Y N N N N N N
01478 Jaipur - Pune AC Far... Jaipur Junction JP 12:45 Pune Junction PUNE 12:25 N Y N N N N N
02133 Mumbai LTT - Mangalu... Lokmanya Tilak Terminus LTT 00:45 Mangaluru Junction MAJN 18:00 N N Y N N N N
02134 Mangaluru Jn - Mumba... Mangaluru Junction MAJN 20:30 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus LTT 13:15 N N Y N N N N
02262 Kamakhya - Sealdah A... Kamakhya Junction KYQ 20:10 Sealdah SDAH 12:30 N N N N N N Y
02849 Santragachi - Secund... Santragachi Junction SRC 23:50 Secunderabad Junction SC 04:30 N N N Y N N N
02850 Secunderabad - Santr... Secunderabad Junction SC 06:20 Santragachi Junction SRC 10:25 N N N N N Y N
04403 Barauni - New Delhi ... Barauni Junction BJU 21:35 New Delhi NDLS 22:10 N N N Y N N Y
04404 New Delhi - Barauni ... New Delhi NDLS 19:25 Barauni Junction BJU 18:50 N N Y N N Y N
04405 Darbhanga - Delhi AC... Darbhanga Junction DBG 12:00 Old Delhi Junction DLI 12:40 N N Y N N Y N
04405x New Delhi - Haridwar... New Delhi NDLS 07:30 Haridwar Junction HW 13:10 Y Y N Y Y N Y
04406 Delhi - Darbhanga AC... Old Delhi Junction DLI 11:15 Darbhanga Junction DBG 09:30 N Y N N Y N N
04406x Haridwar - New Delhi... Haridwar Junction HW 14:40 New Delhi NDLS 20:50 Y Y N Y Y N Y
04413 Patna - Anand Vihar ... Patna Junction PNBE 16:00 Anand Vihar Terminal ANVT 07:00 N N N N Y N N
04414 Anand Vihar (T) - Pa... Anand Vihar Terminal ANVT 23:00 Patna Junction PNBE 14:00 N Y N N N N N
05033 Gorakhpur-Anand Viha... Gorakhpur Junction GKP 14:30 Anand Vihar Terminal ANVT 05:00 N N Y N Y N Y
05034 Anand Vihar Terminal... Anand Vihar Terminal ANVT 06:55 Gorakhpur Junction GKP 21:55 Y N N Y N Y N
07067 Secunderabad - Jammu... Secunderabad Junction SC 15:30 Jammu Tawi JAT 04:55 N N N N Y N N
07068 Jammu Tawi - Secunde... Jammu Tawi JAT 15:00 Secunderabad Junction SC 05:50 N N N N N N Y
08043 Santragachi - Gondia... Santragachi Junction SRC 14:50 Gondia Junction G 06:05 N Y N N N N N
08044 Gondia - Santragachi... Gondia Junction G 12:40 Santragachi Junction SRC 06:10 N N Y N N N N
08061 Shalimar - Jaipur AC... Kolkata Shalimar SHM 20:20 Jaipur Junction JP 06:35 N Y N N N N N
08062 Jaipur - Shalimar AC... Jaipur Junction JP 12:45 Kolkata Shalimar SHM 23:20 N N N Y N N N
08297 Bilaspur – Madgaon... Bilaspur Junction BSP 23:55 Madgaon Junction MAO 08:00 Y N N N N N N
08298 Madgaon - Bilaspur A... Madgaon Junction MAO 10:00 Bilaspur Junction BSP 18:30 N N Y N N N N
08639 Ranchi - Lucknow AC ... Ranchi Junction RNC 21:05 Lucknow Charbagh LKO 14:30 N N N N N N Y
08640 Lucknow - Ranchi AC ... Lucknow Charbagh LKO 15:30 Ranchi Junction RNC 08:25 Y N N N N N N
09003 Mumbai Central - Jal... Mumbai Central BCT 23:05 Jalandhar City Junction JUC 09:15 Y N N N N N N
09004 Jalandar City - Mumb... Jalandhar City Junction JUC 11:30 Mumbai Central BCT 23:10 N N Y N N N N
09007 Bandra (T) - Karmali... Bandra Terminus BDTS 10:10 Karmali KRMI 01:20 N Y N Y N N N
09008 Karmali - Bandra (T)... Karmali KRMI 05:40 Bandra Terminus BDTS 22:15 N N Y N Y N N
09043 Mumbai Central - Jod... Mumbai Central BCT 16:00 Jodhpur Junction JU 11:00 N N Y N N N N
09044 Jodhpur - Mumbai Cen... Jodhpur Junction JU 12:40 Mumbai Central BCT 07:00 N N N N N N N
09411 Ahmedabad - Patna AC... Ahmedabad Junction ADI 23:25 Patna Junction PNBE 08:45 N Y N N N N N
09412 Patna - Ahmedabad AC... Patna Junction PNBE 11:35 Ahmedabad Junction ADI 19:00 N N N Y N N N
12171 Mumbai LTT - Haridwa... Lokmanya Tilak Terminus LTT 07:55 Haridwar Junction HW 13:10 N Y N N Y N N
12205 Nanda Devi AC Expres... New Delhi NDLS 23:50 Dehradun DDN 05:40 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12206 Nanda Devi AC Expres... Dehradun DDN 23:30 New Delhi NDLS 05:20 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12247 Mumbai Bandra Termin... Bandra Terminus BDTS 16:35 Hazrat Nizamuddin NZM 09:40 N N N N N Y N
12248 Hazrat Nizamuddin - ... Hazrat Nizamuddin NZM 15:35 Bandra Terminus BDTS 09:20 N N N N N N Y
12249 Howrah - Anand Vihar... Howrah Junction HWH 18:40 Anand Vihar Terminal ANVT 11:20 N N N N N N Y
12250 Anand Vihar - Howrah... Anand Vihar Terminal ANVT 19:50 Howrah Junction HWH 12:40 Y N N N N N N
12429 Lucknow - New Delhi ... Lucknow Charbagh LKO 23:30 New Delhi NDLS 07:25 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12430 New Delhi - Lucknow ... New Delhi NDLS 23:25 Lucknow Charbagh LKO 07:30 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12519 Mumbai LTT - Kamakhy... Lokmanya Tilak Terminus LTT 07:50 Kamakhya Junction KYQ 04:25 Y N N N N N N
12520 Kamakhya - Mumbai LT... Kamakhya Junction KYQ 21:00 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus LTT 17:30 N N N N Y N N
12775 Cocanada AC Express Kakinada Town Junction CCT 20:10 Secunderabad Junction SC 06:55 Y N Y N Y N N
12776 Cocanada AC Express Secunderabad Junction SC 20:45 Kakinada Town Junction CCT 07:20 N Y N Y N Y N
14805 Yesvantpur - Barmer ... Yesvantpur Junction YPR 10:30 Barmer BME 08:00 N Y N N N N N
14806 Barmer - Yesvantpur ... Barmer BME 01:00 Yesvantpur Junction YPR 03:15 N N N N N Y N
16561 Yesvantpur - Kochuve... Yesvantpur Junction YPR 15:20 Kochuveli KCVL 06:50 N N N N Y N N
16562 Kochuveli - Yesvantp... Kochuveli KCVL 12:40 Yesvantpur Junction YPR 04:30 N N N N N Y N
22401 Delhi Sarai Rohilla ... Delhi Sarai Rohilla DEE 22:15 Udhampur UHP 08:50 N Y N Y N N Y
22402 Udhampur - Delhi Sar... Udhampur UHP 18:00 Delhi Sarai Rohilla DEE 04:20 Y N Y N Y N N
22461 Shri Shakti AC Expre... New Delhi NDLS 17:30 Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra SVDK 05:10 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
22462 Shri Shakti AC Expre... Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra SVDK 22:55 New Delhi NDLS 10:45 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
22475 Bikaner - Coimbatore... Bikaner Junction BKN 06:20 Coimbatore Junction CBE 02:50 N N N N Y N N
22476 Coimbatore - Bikaner... Coimbatore Junction CBE 15:20 Bikaner Junction BKN 12:25 N N N N N N Y